Empowering youth to own their journey

We recognize that the youth we work are incredibly resilient, courageous, and strong.  The immigration process is built to be a disempowering circumstance that a history of White supremacy has created to center lawyers as experts, and put down marginalized people as incapable.  We believe there is lifelong power created when this step towards freedom can be reclaimed by the young person.

Our actions today create our future.

We cannot create a future that is free by acting with oppression and violence today. We strive to steep every interaction with each other with intentionality, thoughtfulness, and in ways that are consistent with the future we want to see. We acknowledge the challenge in working under deadlines, but know that slowing down is critical to make room for all.

We grow when we can sit with discomfort.

We know that despite having the best intentions in our work, White supremacy is the water and not the shark. We are working within a system that is set-up to keep those in power on top. We acknowledge that while trying to live with our values, we will at times uplift people, and at times hurt people. We will strive to sit in the discomfort, sit with the complexity, to be humble, open-minded, listen, and always grow.

We believe in people’s right to self-determination.

We acknowledge that one way that marginalized people are oppressed is by taking away their right to self-determination.  We only offer help when asked. We actively rebel against the violent model of “good” or “bad” immigrant.

We believe in redistribution.

We do not approach this work as charity.  We are willing to take the time to constantly work from a place of solidarity, community and decentralized power.

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